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01 / FAST

Ever wish you could edit the master FF&E list live during user meetings?  With MEQanix, you can!  Even without internet connection, you can edit data as fast as users change their minds and show them impacts in real-time.


All data resides both locally for immediate access as well as being synched to the cloud-based repository whenever you are online.  This provides backup redundancy as well as keeping multiple users on the same project up-to-date with the latest information.

03 / EASY

MEQanix is ready to go with dozens and dozens (and dozens) of FF&E parameters for Planning, Procurement, and Activation efforts.  While we focus on the information, you focus on the management.  And together we provide BIM for medical equippment planning.

The Main Interface showing navigation tree, parent grid, detail grid and parameters.




As medical equipment planners ourselves, we felt the pain of database tools that were too slow, too rigid, and too expensive.  So we set out to fix it!  After five years of development and use on our own projects, we are sharing our solution with you.


MEQanix is a software tool specifically built to ease the burden of massive data collection and coordination to Free The Planners to be more valuable as consultants and advisers.

As your clients move beyond planning, MEQanix moves with you into procurement and activation keeping critical data available at each step of the project.


Any Windows 10 computer can use MEQanix as local database synchronized to our MSSQL cloud-based data repository.  We take care of keeping your FF&E data backed up and syncronized across your users allowing you to impress your clients by providing faster, more accurate information without stressing you out!


Using MEQanix

Well, we're using it. That's a start. But we're still launching.
If your company decides to work with us, we'll be happy to plaster your logo all over this section. You can be one of the proud innovators who decided to take a step into the future of medical equipment planning!
We look forward to seeing you here!

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